Intro to Chrome & Chrome OS Accessibility Video Series

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Screenshot from video tutorial: Laura Palmaro, Program Manager, Chrome Accessibility sitting at a small table with open MacBook.

Many schools are using the Chrome browser (on any device) and/or have adopted Chromebooks. Want to learn more about Chrome and Chrome Operating Systems (OS)?  These video tutorials created by Google include magnification, low vision options, keyboard navigation, screen reading, and more. There are videos that address specific activities using the Chrome browser on Mac and Windows computers and videos specifically about the accessibility features of Chromebooks.

Access this helpful video series on Chrome and Chrome OS Accessibility YouTube channel here. These tutorials are broken down into easily digestible chunks of information.

Teacher Hint: Instead of teaching your student a specific tech skill, "flip-the-classroom" by empowering your student to teach himself/herself. Assign a video first and then have the student demonstrate his/her new skills to you!

Below is the introduction video to the Chrome Accessibility Series:

This video series include: