Intro to BrailleSense Polaris

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BrailleSense Polaris

In July 2017, HIMS released the BrailleSense Polaris, a modern braille notetaker that runs on the Android operating system and the Polaris Office Suite which is found on many smartphones. The Polaris is a 32-cell braille display with an 11-key Perkins-style keyboard. The Polaris can be connected wirelessly to a computer or tablet and used as a braille display.

The video below, BrailleSense -01Physical Description, describes the physical characteristics of the device.

Polaris Video Tutorials

HIMS has created a 9-part BrailleSense Polaris video tutorial series:

  • 01 Physical Description
  • 02 The Polaris Menus
  • 03 Google Account Setup
  • 04 The Play Store
  • 05 Reading Bookshare Books
  • 06 Using Your Voice
  • 07 Using the Camera
  • 08 Files on BrailleSense and Android
  • 09 Sharing Your Screen

Eric Duffy reviews the BrailleSense Polaris in his article, BrailleSense Polaris - A First-Look Review from the National Federation of the Blind Access Technology Team.