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Does your student have homework reading assignments that require him/her to access an online article and your student does not have Internet at home?  No Internet - no problem!  The Instapaper app is a simple way to save and store articles to be read later.  This iOs app eliminates website clutter by providing a clean copy of just the article.  This thoughtfully created app enables the user to control the font, color themes, spacing options and to use a text-to-speech option.  Additional features include the ability to highlight text and sort your list of articles by popularity, date and article length or create folders for easy organization.  

Additional features are available in the Instapaper Premium version of the app are now available for free! 

Teachers - this is a 'must have' app for students!

Instapaper is available for iOS devices, Android devices and online for computers. Instapaper is accessible with screen readers.

Instapaper iOS app

Instapaper Google app

Instapaper website

The first video below demonstrates how to use the Instapaper web page, including teacher hints.  The second video is an older video about using the Instapaper iOS app.