The iBooks section of Paths to Technology is a depository of iBooks – digital resources created by educators, family members and students. iBooks are interactive digital books that can include pictures, videos, music/sounds, accessible mathematical equations and more. These books incorporate all the built-in accessibility features of iOS devices, including Zoom, VoiceOver and VoiceOver paired with a refreshable braille display. iBooks can only be read on Apple devices. Read More

Several whole lemons and one lemon sliced in half.

When Are You Yellow?

Accessible iBook created to explain the color concept yellow to students with visual impairments.
Old fashion one room school house.

After School I: iBook

Geared for beginning readers and/or students with CVI, After School I is a simple iBook about after school activities.
birthday balloons

My Birthday

This accessible iBook details events that happen on a child's birthday.
Cinderella in her blue gown with sparkles and her name in the background.

Cinderella: iBook

Accessible emerging reader ebook about Cinderella characters.
ABC in bright colors.

The Alphabet Sound: iBook

Accessible emerging reading alphabet book.
Mastering the Mac with VoiceOver iBook cover.

Mastering the Mac with VoiceOver: Free iBook

Mastering the Mac with VoiceOver is a free iBook that helps a VoiceOver iOS user transition to a Mac.
iPad screen showing picture of fancy beta fish with the Header "Help us Beta test new features" on Bookshare web page

Open Bookshare book on iPad in iBooks - EPUB Beta feature

Demo of how download Bookshare EPUB 3 title and open in iBooks on an iPad.
Book Creator Logo: app that creates accessible books

Book Creator App: Create Your Own Accessible Books on iOS, Android and Windows Tablets

Use Book Creator to create accessible books for iOS, Android and Windows tablets.
iPad screenshot of the iBooks tool bar

How to Read Math Expressions with VoiceOver on an IOS Device

How students can access math materials digitally on an IOS device such as an iPhone or iPad using the built in VoiceOver screen reader.
An accessible teacher-made iBook about Shark's teeth.

Shark's Teeth: iBook

An accessible iBook about shark's teeth that includes fun facts, video, quiz and more!
An accessible iBook about Loggerhead Turtles.

Loggerhead Turtles: iBook

This teacher-created Loggerhead Turtles iBook accompanies the instructions on how to create an iBook using the iBooks Author app.
Cody standing at the front door of Sheetz Gas Station.

Cody went to Sheetz: iBook

A high school student with traumatic brain injury creates an iBook to remember his route around a store.
Pizza Hut, Domino's, KFC, McDonald's, Burger King and Subway logos

Cody: Learning Life Skills through Technology

Activities for a high school student with traumatic brain injury, including learning to visually identify letters and objects for functional life skills.
Teacher Collaboration anagram

iBooks and Other Teacher Resources

Digital books and teacher-created materials and resources shared on Paths to Technology website.
iBook Logo: open book on orange circle background with text, " Digital Math iBook".

Sharing Digital Math Worksheets: iBooks and Web Pages

Information on sharing teacher-made digital math worksheets.
Boy with cane standing outside lawn and garden section of store

Cody's O&M Adventures: iBook

Two boys with multiple disabilities created this iBook about their O&M lessons.
Colorful M & M candies

M&M Activity: iBook

This M&M Activity is an iBook that contains a fun math M&M activity.
Three blooming red roses.

When Are You Red?

Accessible iBook was created to explain the color red to students with visual impairments.

When Are You Brown?

Accessible iBook that describes the color Brown to students who are blind.