The iBooks section of Paths to Technology is a depository of iBooks – digital resources created by educators, family members and students. iBooks are interactive digital books that can include pictures, videos, music/sounds, accessible mathematical equations and more. These books incorporate all the built-in accessibility features of iOS devices, including Zoom, VoiceOver and VoiceOver paired with a refreshable braille display. iBooks can only be read on Apple devices. Read More

Coverof the Vegetables book with pepper, zucchini, and carrots with the text “Vegetables” and red speaker icon.

Adapted Books for Student with CVI: Fruits and Vegetables

Check out these two books: Fruits and Vegetables
Cover page of Ocean Animals ePub with swimming dolphin, red speaker icon and text, "CVI-friendly ePub and PDF"

Adapted Ocean Animal Book for Student with CVI

Remote instructional video for parents and accessible book for students with CVI.
Photo of Egg Hunt book cover (two bright Easter eggs with background of green field and blue sky and text,"CVI: Visual Scanning"

Remote Learning Materials: Student with CVI and Multiple Disabilities

Download these free digital books/PDFs designed specifically for students with CVI!
Screenshot of CVI-Friendly Chicka Chicka Boom Boom video with outlined A, B, C and palm tree.

CVI-Friendly Videos: Resources for Students with CVI

Here are terrific, teacher-created videos for students with CVI!
Photo of Crosby an adorable 7 month old golden retriever.

Crosby, Service Dog in Training: iBook

A day in the life of Crosby and the college student who is raising him!
photo of a fluffy white cat laying on the couch and text, "Braille Contractions"

Alphabetic Word Sign Book for Early Readers

Practice braille contractions while reading about Noelle the cat!
 Cover page of the digital book Noelle’s Christmas Tree with an image of a Christmas tree with white lights next to a fireplace

Christmas Themed Book for Early Readers: Noelle's Christmas Tree

What kind of shenanigans can this cute kitty get into at Christmas time?
Cover page of a digital book titled I am Thankful with an image of four book boxes lined up next to each other on a shelf.

Digital Thanksgiving Book for Early Readers

This emerging reader is learning to read in three mediums: magnified print, braille and auditory.
Cover page of the digital book titled Noelle’s Pumpkin with an image of a fluffy white cap curled around a small orange pumpkin.

Noelle's Pumpkin: Fall Themed Digital Book for Early Readers

Download this accessible pumpkin story for your emerging/early reader!
Cover page of the book "Little Puppy is Lost" is with a golden retriever puppy laying in the grass.

Digital Book for First Grade Dual Media Learner

Accessible version of the Little Puppy is Lost book.
iPad with a screen displaying the title page of the book Quack the Duck’s Family and an Orbit Reader 20 braille display on table

Reading Books Created with Book Creator App Using an iPad and RBD

Learn how to use a Braille Display to read a teacher-created book!
American flag in the background with soldiers running and Statue of Liberty.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier: iBook

Learn all about the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the soldiers who guard it!
Title page of the a digital book with a tan and white kitten and the title, "What do you like?"

Accessible Digital Kindergarten Books

Here are accessible ePub books for beginning readers!
Book cover with colorful Easter eggs and title, " Why the Easter Bunny Brings Eggs" and text, "iBook/PDF".

Why the Easter Bunny Brings Easter Eggs: Folktale

What is the moral of this fun folktale?
cartoon leprechaun and text, "5 little leprechauns iBook & PDF"

Five Little Leprechauns iBook and PDF

Oh those mischievous little leprechauns!
Screenshot of Valentine's Day Puns iBook with a red heart, title, and pun definition.

Valentine's Day Puns: iBook

Love zany puns? This book or PDF is for you!
Ladybug image and text, "Ladybugs: Accessible ePub Book"

Ladybugs: ePub Book

Young readers will enjoy reading this short story about ladybugs. Learn how to quickly create ePub books!
Covers of two books: I Can (boy jumping) & My Glasses (pink glasses) and image from book: doll wearing glasses & holding a book.

More Digital Books for Early Readers

Creating 'triple-media' books for early readers: print, braille, auditory books!
Cover of a digital book titled Zoey the Dog. The title and a picture of a golden retriever puppy are on the cover.

Zoey the Dog: iBook

This third grade student created a digital book about her dog.
Cover of the digital book titled We Look. A young girl and a boy are holding large bottles of milk to feed a calf.

It Is All About Motivation

Learning kindergarten sight words in large print and braille using teacher-created ePub books.