Hybrid and Electric Cars Required to Make Noise

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Image of electric car plugged into electricity with text, "New noise laws for electric cars."

Introduced today (July 1, 2019) all new models of electric cards sold in the European Union must make noise according to the the new Acoustic Vehicle Alert Systems (AVAS) law. These currently 'quiet' cars pose danger to pedestrians, bikers and especially to people who are visually impaired or blind. According to 2017 research, electric and hybrid vehicles are 40% more likely to be involved in an accident which causes injury to a pedestrian. The engineered vehicle sound should provide information about what the car is doing while traveling under 12 mph or while reversing.

United States

The National highway Traffic Safety Administration will require that hybrid and electric vehicles traveling under 18.6 mph must emit noise by September 2020. Originally, this rule was slated to go into effect in late 2019. It is anticipated that about 50% of hybrid and electric cars will comply by September 2019.