How to Read Math Equations with a Screen Reader on a Windows Computer

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Screenshot of a Windows computer with the sample digital math worksheet.

In this video, Brice demonstrates the basic commands used to navigate math equations on a Windows machine running NVDA.  The same principles apply when using other screen readers such as JAWS.  A refreshable braille display can also be used to read and navigate the same math equations in braille.

For information on how to create accessible digital math for a Windows PC, please go to the Paths to Technology post, Creating Digital Math Worksheets that can be Accessed on Windows Computers.

The ability to access digital math is a critical transition skill, as many colleges/university do not provide braille math matrials!



Posted by John FarinaMar 24, 2016

Hello  Is there a way to fill in the answers to such an equasion? 

Posted by Diane BraunerMar 24, 2016

To my knowledge there is not a way to input math answers.  However, with some software such as iBooks Author, you can include multiple choice questions.  The student can then select the desired answer option.