How to enable VoiceOver on the new MacBook Pro's Touch Bar

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Finger scrolling through emojis on the MacBook Pro's Touch Bar.

The new MacBook Pro has replaced the Function Keys (top row keys) with the new Touch Bar.  The Touch Bar is a contextual touch screen at the top of the keyboard that automatically changes depending on which app you have open.  This Touch Bar supplies dynamic shortcuts to the controls, menus and tools within the current app.  You can also summon the the physical function keys that used to reside above the keyboard.  

How will the Touch Bar impact VoiceOver users?  The Touch Bar is accessible with VoiceOver and works with the familiar iOS gestures to navigate and interact with the displayed information on the Touch Bar. To enable or disable VoiceOver, hold down the Command key and triple-tap the Touch ID button.  

Stay tuned for updates as users with low vision and VoiceOver users experiment and learn to use the new Touch Bar features!