How to edit default apps with JAWS: video tutorial

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Screenshot of Windows 10 Settings with Default App screen, Choose an App popup.  Look for an app in the Store is highlighted.

 Microsoft understands that users have personal preferences and provides users with the means to change the default settings in built-in apps. You can also choose to install additional apps from the Microsoft Store. In Windows 10, you can edit the following default apps:

  • Email Client
  • Maps
  • Music Player
  • Photo Viewer
  • Video Player
  • Web Browswer

To locate these default apps, Click on the Start menu (Windows logo) > Settings > System > Default Apps.

Teacher Hint: It is important that students know how to change their web browser, as some assessments and educational apps work better with a specific web browser. Generally, Freedom Scientific recommends using Microsoft Internet Explorer with JAWS, while Mozilla Firefox is recommended for NVDA.

When using the JAWS screen reader, Windows + I will open the Windows Settings.

This step-by-step video tutorial demonstrates how to edit the default apps using the JAWS screen reader.