How do YOU use Apple Products?

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A father using TapTapSee app on his iPhone to identify a white onion.

Apple released a series of videos showcasing how individuals with a variety of disabilities have integrated Apple devices and apps with accessibility features into their daily activities.  

Teachers, encourage YOUR students to create their own simple video of how they use technology - both inside and outside the classroom.  This is a great self-advocacy assignment for the end of the school year or over the summer.  Encourage your student to:

  1. Share favorite hobbies
  2. Demonstrate favorite tech and apps
  3. Demonstrate the accessibility features used to access the device (magnification, screen readers, visual settings, etc.)
  4. Share how he/she completes assignments using his/her technology
  5. Consider sharing about his/her eye condition

Consider posting these student videos on Paths to Technology!  (Need help?  Leave a comment in the Comment Section below!)

Apple videos:

Patrick is a DJ and producer with a passion for music and excellent food.  With VoiceOver, he has the freedom to express himself in his home studio with Logic Pro X and in the kitchen with TapTapSee.

Andrea is a nursing student and advocate for the disabled community.  She uses Apple Watch to record wheelchair-specific workouts and share her victories with friends. 

Shane is a middle school band and choir director who uses Made for iPhone hearing aids in her classroom so she can hear every note.

Todd is the CEO of a technology consulting company and a prominent member of the quadriplegic community.  With Siri, Switch Control, and the Home app, he can open his front door, adjust the lights in his house, and queue up a party playlist.

Carlos is the lead singer, drummer and PR manager for his metal band Disatartica.  Using VoiceOver, with Screen Curtain on iPhone, he can hail a ride, take a photo, get the word out about his band's album release while keeping his screen entirely black.

Ian is an outdoor and birding enthusiast.  With Siri on iPhone, he can play a bird call or chat with a friend via FaceTime, and with Switch Control he is able to capture the perfect waterfall photo.

Meera is a teenager who loves soccer and jokes.  She uses TouchChat on iPad to talk with her friends and family and deliver the occasional one-line.