Hear the Difference: Comparing Smart Speakers

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Photo of Dot 3rd generation and Google Home with text, "Comparing Smart Speakers"

There are several voice-controlled smart speakers available; which one is right for you? The Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation was recently revealed. This YouTube video, compares the  the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation, 2nd Generation, and Google Home - including the sound quality of these three devices.

Smart Speakers are voice-controlled assistants that can be used for much more than listening to music.  These voice assistants are a cylindrical voice-controlled computing device that connects to the Alexa or Google Assistant service to provide responses to questions, playing music, reporting on weather, news and more.  The Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition is a kid-friendly DJ, comedian, storyteller and teacher. Learn about the Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition here. Learn how smart speakers can help with homework here.

These voice assistants can help facilitate independence for users with visual impairments. Learn more about using a smart speaker for independence here.