Haptic Footwear for Enhancing Independent Travel from Lechal

Featured Image: 
Woman wearing a smartphone arm band putting on her Lechal running shoe; background is a marked route on Google Maps

Everyone has heard about smart phones and smart watches; but, are you familiar with smart shoes?  An Indian company called Ducere Technologies PVT has created Lechal, a smart shoe that vibrates when you need to make a turn.  The Bluetooth enabled shoes (or shoe inserts) along with your smartphone sync with Google Maps to give GPS information.  The word "Lechal means "take me along" in Hindi.

In his blog, Haptic Footwear for Enhancing Independent Travel from Lechal, Chris Tabb provides detailed information about the inserts, the accompanying app and his personal experience traveling a route with the Lechal inserts.

For more information, go to the Lechal website.