GoWorksheet Maker iPad App

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Screenshot of a simple GoWorksheet Maker worksheet with marked up Drag and Drop question.

The GoWorksheet Maker iPad App is created by Attainment Company, a company dedicated to serving people with disabilities. This app enables educators to convert printed worksheets into digital worksheets and to customize the digital version by adding accessible interactions. Customization includes:

  • Adding word banks
  • Tapping to fill multiple choice answers
  • Adding drag and drop answers (and adding the textbox where you can drop the answer)
  • Adding audio output (text-to-speech or recorded audio)

Worksheets can be imported or simply snap a picture of the worksheet using the camera. Then, mark up the worksheet to add audio and/or interactive question and answers.

Note: This app is designed specifically for students who struggle with pen and paper activities. Digital worksheets that have been customized are great for students with additional disabilities and/or who have low vision. These worksheets do require vision; they are not fully accessible. Example: A textbox can be added and possible answers can be drag and dropped into the textbox. However, when hovering the answer over the textbox, the textbox is not announced; students who are blind do not know where the textbox is located on the screen and when to release the dragged answer. It does not appear that VoiceOver is compatible with worksheets created with this app. 

The following video demonstrates GoWorksheet features.

GoWorksheet Maker App is $40; discounts available for 5 or 20 apps. There is no cost for students to use the GoWorksheet app that students use to complete the digital worksheets.

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