Google Keyboard Shortcuts

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Google Classroom logo

Many schools have now become 'Google Classrooms', meaning students and teachers have 1:1 devices and those devices are running Google products.  "Google Classroom" is defined as a learning management system developed by Google for schools that aim to simplify creating, distributing and grading assignments in a paperless way. It was released as a feature of G Suite for Education in August 2014.

Keyboard shortcuts provide quick access to a particular function within a computer program using a key stroke or combination of key strokes. Keyboard shortcuts are an efficient way to navigate and interact with various applications; keyboard shortcuts are available on all computers and all tablets/smart phones that are connected with a physical keyboard. Screen readers take advantage of these keyboard shortcuts - often using the same key/key combinations that are used without a screen reader. Most people use a few keyboard shortcuts, such as using Control + C to copy highlighted text. However, most students (and adults!) are not using the vast majority of the keyboard shortcuts.

Christine Chaikin, with Insightful Publications, shared the following lists of Google Keyboard Shortcuts: