Google Classroom and Braille Note Touch Bug?

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Several users have mentioned new issues with the Braille Note Touch and Google Classroom. One issue is that the focus jumps back to the top. Are you having any issues? If so, was it after a recent Google Classroom update? Please share your issue with Joel at HumanWare.



Posted by Nan Sep 24, 2018

Hi Joel,

When we are in Google Sheets and Google slides trying to get into the edit box. We can’t access the edit area. Even turning the Braille Note Touch braille on and off. Is there a work around for this?


Posted by Diane BraunerSep 27, 2018

Whenever I run into a road block like this that we can’t figure out on our own, we call tech support. I have the student do the actual call and talk through the issue they are having themselves. It’s good practice for self advocacy skills as well as typically will solve the problem.  - T

Posted by Kim Sullivan Sep 28, 2018

Yes! It seems as though every time there is an update, accessibility changes slightly and it takes some problem solving to figure it out!