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Freedom Scientific has recently released a series of JAWS and Google suite video tutorials. These video tutorials are in addition to their previous JAWS tutorials, Fusion tutorials and ZoomText tutorials. You can view all the tutorials on Freedom Scientific's YouTube page here. These videos are a great resource tool for anyone interested in learning about these applications or to fine-tune their tech skills.

Videos Currently Available

All of these videos have been released in the last 8 months. Check Freedom Scientific's YouTube page for future videos! The current list of videos below is to provide users with an idea of the wide scope of videos available. The bite-sized videos are created to cover a specific point making them short and easy to digest - perfect for students to listen to and learn tech skills independently! 

JAWS and G Suite

Note: These are the recently released video tutorials (Dec. 2019) - perfect for schools who use Google Suite!

  • Collaborating in Google Sheets using JAWS
  • Working with Multiple Sheets in Google Sheets using JAWS
  • Inserting the Date and Time in Google Sheets with JAWS
  • Creating a New Google Sheet with JAWS
  • Accessing G Suite with JAWS
  • JAWS Commands Search
  • Comments and Notes in Google Sheets with JAWS
  • Navigating and Reading in Google Sheets with JAWS
  • Sorting Data in Google Sheets with JAWS
  • Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns in Google Sheets
  • Basic Functions in Google Sheets with JAWS


JAWS (Job Access With Speech) is a computer screen reader program for Microsoft Windows for users who are blind or visually impaired.

  • JAWS Windows 10 Desktop Overview
  • JAWS FSReader Overview
  • Navigating the Ribbon in Microsoft Word with JAWS
  • Explore the Microsoft PowerPoint title Slide and Windows with JAWS
  • Introduction to Microsoft Excel with JAWS
  • The Backstage View in Microsoft Word with JAWS
  • How to use Overlay Model in Outlook with JAWS
  • Insert a New Slide in PowerPoint
  • Mark and Return to a Place in Word with JAWS
  • Set Font and Point Size in Word
  • How to Accept a Calendar Share in Outlook
  • How to Share your Calendar in Outlook


Fusion is a combination of screen magnification and visual enhancements for screen viewing ease and JAWS screen reader.

  • Fusion Add and Remove Voices
  • Fusion Mouse Echo Settings
  • Fusion Toolbar
  • Fusion Increase and Decrease Magnification
  • Fusion Enhancements


ZoomText is a magnifier/reader for low vision users.

  • ZoomText App Reader
  • ZoomText Color Enhancements
  • Increase and Decrease Magnification in ZoomText
  • ZoomText Zoom Windows
  • ZoomText Toolbar
  • ZoomText Pointer Enhancements
  • ZoomText Mouse Echo


  • Purchasing a Home or Student Annual License via the Freedom Scientific E-Store
  • Using the Software Licensing Portal and Installing your Freedom Scientific Software