Free Screen Magnification Training and Resources

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You can access the video of the Lighthouse for the Blind- St. Louis'  “Zoom to Success: Teaching Screen Magnification Programs for Low Vision” workshop for free.  Click here.

We have posted the PowerPoint and extensive resources, including command cheat sheets, skill checklists, and more, at the bottom of our webpage below “Past Presentations”:

Even if you don’t watch the presentation, the resource documents may be helpful to you.  Please pass these resources onto anyone else who may benefit from them.

Summary: This workshop discussed the need for teaching screen magnification/enlargement software (including input from adults with low vision), strategies for determining appropriate software, and resources for acquiring that software. Participants heard ideas for lessons, assessment, and goal writing so that they felt prepared to implement screen magnification software instruction with their students. The live workshop included hands-on experience with screen magnification programs. You can gain this experience through downloading the free trial for whichever software you're interested in.

Presenter: Laura Jones, CTVI, COMS, CLVT


Posted by Diane BraunerFeb 16, 2017


Thanks for your comments about Laura's wonderful post on screen magnification.  Laura shared another magnification post under the Getting Started section that you might find useful:  Getting Started with Screen Magnification.

Please feel free to share your experiences and teaching tips on Paths to Technology as you work with your students!


Posted by ljonesTVIFeb 16, 2017

Hi Nancy, Thanks for your feedback.  I'm really glad it was helpful.  If you have any other questions I can help you with, you can email me at Thanks, Laura