Free OnLine Library and iPad to Eligible Students Who Are Visually Impaired

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Lighthouse Guild and Bookshare's OnLine library program.

The Lighthouse Guild and Bookshare announce an exciting new student literacy program.  Eligible students with visual impairments or print disabilities will have access to more than 500,000 titles through Bookshare,  an e-reading application designed for users with visual impairments called Spotlight Gateway, and a free iPad.


  • An ophthalmologist must certify that the student has a visual impairment or print disability; all students can then enroll for a free Bookshare membership and the Spotlight Gateway app.
  • For a limited time, students who demonstrate a financial need by qualifying for Federal School Lunch Assistance Program or Medicaid, will likely be eligible to receive an iPad at no cost. 

To learn more about this program, read the Lighthouse Guild and Bookshare Announce New Program Offering OnLine Library for free to Eligible Students Who Are Visually Impaired article.

For registration information, go to Spotlight Gateway Registration.


Posted by Diane BraunerFeb 02, 2017

There has been a huge response to this post - a big thanks to everyone for sharing the information about this exciting online library program!

A Spotlight Gateway staff has shared this information:

The Spotlight Gateway program is not about providing IPads.  It’s about providing free access to an extensive library of digitized books to students with vision loss or print disabilities.  In cases, where an eligible student does not already have access to an iPad, we are pleased that the program will  be able to make limited number of iPads available for their use.

If you have further questions, please read the FAQ and/or contact the helpful folks at Spotlight Gateway Help.

Registration for the Bookshare membership and Spotlight Gateway app is on-going.  No information is available for a deadline for the availble iPads.



Posted by Diane BraunerFeb 06, 2017

Hi Dawn,

Please contact Spotlight Gateway Help directly, as Paths to Technology is not directly involved with this program.  Their website has an email form and lists this phone number:  800-284-4422.

Good luck!


Posted by Diane BraunerFeb 16, 2017

This is the link to the Spotway Gateway registration form.  This is their form for the total online library package, which is available to all students - all the time - who are visually impaired or print disabled.  The current iPad program is part of this online library program, but there is a limited amount of iPads and a limited time to apply for an iPad.  If you have questions, please use the Spotway Gateway Help form.  Select Email Us and type in your question or call 212 769-6328 to talk to someone with Spotlight Gateway.