FlickType Keyboard

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Screenshot of FlickType with text, 'FlickType. Keyboard for Blind and Low Vision Users

FlickType helps everyone type effortlessly, regardless of visual ability. The keyboard’s innovative, award-winning technology and accessible design makes typing easier, faster, and more comfortable than ever.  Combining the familiar QWERTY keyboard layout with 3 simple gestures, FlickType enables users to type both easier as well as up to 4 times faster than ever. There’s no need to learn an entirely new way of typing: simply trust the Artificially Intelligent engine to correct the word even when every letter is mis-tapped.

Benefits of using FlickType

Type With Your Ears.

FlickType can speak back to you when you type or edit, enabling a completely eyes-free writing experience. People who are blind write millions of words every month using it, typing just as fast as those who are sighted.

Limited Vision.

FlickType is designed to be as accessible as possible for those who are blind or have low-vision.  The keyboard’s low-vision features include large keys, highly readable visual announcements, high-contrast color themes, and much more.

Comfortably Smart.

Say goodbye to painfully slow editing operations. Delete and change entire words with a single flick of your finger. Control the cursor directly from the keyboard. When typing, don't slow down and try to be accurate. Simply tap-type where it feels right and FlickType's unique algorithm will find the correct word from the pattern of your taps.

Fast, Easy & Fun.

FlickType users type a whole three to four times faster compared to the standard keyboard, VoiceOver typing, or even dictation after edits. And utilizing the standard QWERTY layout means you don’t have to learn a new way to type. Emoji, text shortcuts, and deep customization options make typing fluid and fun, just as it should be. ☺️

Type faster with tap‑typing

FlickType supports regular touch‑typing where you explore the keyboard and then lift your finger to enter the desired character. But with tap‑typing, you can type up to three or four times faster without having to wait for character feedback on every letter. Just lightly tap where you think each letter is, and FlickType’s powerful algorithm will correctly guess the right word almost every time! Not the right word? Simply flick down to change it and just continue typing.

Use it everywhere

FlickType is currently available on the App Store and can be installed as a custom keyboard that you can use directly inside all other apps. This makes it faster and much more convenient to use, without ever needing to switch apps. 

We, at FlickType, are building a product that is not just nice to have, but one that has the potential to enhance lives. We strive to enable all people to be more productive than ever and to ensure we are doing so we’ve been working extremely closely with the community. We invite you to reach out with any recommendations or suggestions you may have!

Learn more about how FlickType works here.