Facebook Accessibility for Users with Visual Impairments

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Silloutes of a girl and a boy on computers with the Text: "facebook".

Facebook's accessibility team has been hard at work to make Facebook even better for users with visual impairments and blindness.  Facebook, which began as a way to keep touch with family and friends, can also be used as a place for groups of people with similar interests to exchange information.

  • Are you familiar with all the Access and Shortcut Keys that help you navigate the site and perform actions such as liking, searching and sharing?  
  • Did you know that these commands vary slightly depending on your device and the Internet browser you choose to use?
  • A command is required before you can use the FB  single-key commands to perform various actions?
  • Do you know the FB Messenger Shortcuts?
  • Do you have suggestions/feedback for FB?

Read AFB's Social Media Accessibility article for details!