Embossing from the BrailleNote Touch

Featured Image: 
Humanware embosser working with the BrailleNote Touch.

In this digital age, students do need to be tech savvy and 'digitally literate'; however, there are times that a hard copy is desired.  With the BrailleNote Touch, you can send KeyWord documents wirelessly to a Romeo 60, Juliet 120 and Index V5 embossers.  

Embossing from a BrailleNote Touch

  • BrailleNote Touch and embosser must be connected to the same WI-FI network.
  • Grab the embosser's IP address from the embosser's menu.
  • From the Touch's KeyWord main menu, choose Settings.
  • Under "Embosser's IP address" type the IP address and press ENTER.
  • Return to the KeyWord menu and select "Emboss".
  • Select the desired KeWord file and press ENTER.

Watch the follow video for step-by-step instruction of how to set up and emboss from a BrailleNote Touch.