Electronic Canes and Traditional Canes

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Cartoon image of a person walking with a long cane with dark glasses and text, "Electronic Cane or Traditional Cane"

This PBS article Why is Creating Electronic Canes for the Blind So Hard? dives into the potential benefits of cane technology while balancing the need for foundation orientation and mobility skills. The author interviewed a variety of people, including end users (O&M students), electronic cane developers (EyeCane and WeWalk), and a strong advocate for echolocation/foundational O&M skills (Daniel Kish).

Orientation and Mobility Specialists: This is a well written article and would be beneficial for your students/clients to read and discuss. As a COMS, I am frequently asked about technology for the O&M purposes, including whether an electronic cane might be beneficial. This article presents several viewpoints, enabling the reader to draw his/her own conclusions.

Teachers of the Visually Impaired: This topic, electronic canes vs. traditional long canes, could be a good writing prompt or debate topic/positional paper for a student's writing assignment. Can your student chose a side and write a positional paper from his viewpoint?