Editing Text iOS and iPadOS 13

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Outline of hand with thumb, index and middle fingers extended and text, "iOS and iPadOS 13 Editing Gestures"

iPadOS and iOS 13 have added these helpful editing gestures - perfect for students with low vision. Note: These gestures are mainstream gestures, not VoiceOver gestures!

  • Select Text: One finger hold (until the word highlights) and drag to capture desired text
  • Copy: Three-finger pinch (as if you were picking the words off the screen!)
  • Cut: Three-finger pinch two times
  • Paste: Tap desired location then three-finger pinch out (as if you were dropping text on the screen)
  • Undo: Three-finger swipe left
  • Redo: After Undo, Three-finger swipe right

Apple's video below demonstrates these new gestures.