Dolphin EasyReader: iOS app

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Dolphin EasyReader logo

Dolphin EasyReader is a free iOS reading app with accessibility features for students with dyslexia, low vision or blindness. How does EasyReader compare to other available book apps? 

EasyReader Features

  • No restrictions on how big you make the text
  • Zoom with 2-finger pinch or use simple sliders
  • Make every book accessible
  • Effortless Navigation
  • Accessible with VoiceOver
  • Large collection of accessible books and newspapers - 16 accessible book libraries and growing!
  • Synchromized audio and highlighted words
  • Set your preferred text font, color scheme, and spacing

For more information, go to Dolphin's website, EasyReader for iOS

EasyReader is also available for purchase for Windows computers. For details, go to Dolphin's website, EasyReader for Windows.