Dolce Word Lists and Literary Braille Code: iBooks

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Dolce sight word poster

Washington State School for the Blind has shared these a Dolch Word Lists and Literary Braille Code iBooks.  

These activities are designed to be used with a Braille display.  The Dolch Word Lists are presented in both random and alphabetical order.  When a Dolch word has a contraction it is also presented and spelled out.  The user moves to the left or right arrow in Book Creator with either a Space+Dot 1 chord or a Space+Dot 4 chord.  All of the words in the Literary Braille Code activities are presented contracted and then spelled out.

The cursor will land at the bottom of the text field when the user moves to the text with a Space+Dot 1 chord, the Rotor should be set to Containers and the user should then enter a Space+Dot 3 chord to move to the beginning of the text.

These files were created using Book Creator.  Install iBooks, Voice Dream Reader or another app that is compatible with iBooks on your iPad.  From your iPad, open the book link below.  A popup appears with the option to "Open in iBooks" or "Open in. . . " Chose your desired reading app.  The iBook will automatically upload and open in your chosen app.

These iBooks are used by permission from Bruce McClanahan on behalf of WSSB.  For more information, visit WSSB.