Cubetto: Teaching Children How to Code without Screens

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Cubetto - a wooden robot, coding blocks and board, and map - teaches young students the concepts of coding.

Cubetto is a simple hands-on activity to teach young students - ages 3 and up - about the concepts of coding.  Help Cubetto, a friendly robot find his way home! The programming game contains a wooden robot, a physical programming console (board) with a set of 16 colorful uniquely shaped coding blocks, and a beautifully designed map and activity book.  In order to program the robot, simply slide the different coding blocks into the board. Each block is coded for different commands such as forward, right, left and loops. Press GO and the robot moves as programmed across the map!

1.Preschooler placing Cubetto on the map with the board beside him.  Text: "Help Cubetto find his way home."

Preschooler placing coding pieces in board; Text: "2. Write a program with the blocks."

Smiling preschooler pressing the Go button and watching Cubetto move on the map; "3. Cubetto executes the program."

Cubetto is designed for students three years old and up.  It is accessible for students with visual impairments and blindness, as all the coding pieces have a unique shapes that indicate what the piece will make the robot do.  Students do not need to be able to read - the game is all hands-on!  The actual "map" can be modified tactually to help the student who is blind know what is on the map.

Cubetto collage


Posted by Diane BraunerJan 26, 2017


Thanks for commenting on this post.  Your website has wonderful information!  Please do contact Cubetto directly with your request for a tester model.  Paths to Technology will also share your review of Cubetto as well as reviews from anyone who has used it with students who are VIB. Let us know how you like Cubetto!

Everyone, if you have an interest in coding opportunities for students who are visually impaired or blind, please do contact Cubetto and other coding games and ask about accessibility.  If you have tried the coding game and have suggestions about accessibility, please let these game developers know!  Game developers are often not aware of accessibility issues/needs and often will strive to make their games accessible if they receive multiple requests.  You CAN make a difference!

Cubetto's contact (Primo Toys)