Correcting VoiceOver Pronunciations: iOS 10

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Phonetic spelling is used to manually correct VoiceOver pronunciations.

Screen readers do an amazing job pronouncing most words; however, there are some words - especially names - that are mispronounced.  iOS 10 has a new feature that enables users to manually change the way VoiceOver pronounces words.  Here's how:

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Tap Accessibility.
  4. Tap VoiceOver.
  5. Tap Speech.
  6. Tap Pronunciations.
  7. Tap the Add button in the top right corner of the screen (plus sign).
  8. Type the word or phrase in the Phrase text field - use the real spelling.
    • You can choose to dictate the word instead of typing the phonetic spelling.

Example:  VoicerOver pronounces the word "Walmart" as "Walmert".    I would go through the steps above and type "wall mart" into the Substitution text field.

You can also choose when the new pronounciations will be used:

  • Languages
  • Voices 
  • Ignore case
  • Apply to all apps

NOTE:  You can also correct VoiceOver pronunciations on the Mac.  Learn how from the Tech-Ease article, Changing the VoiceOver Pronunciation Settings.



Posted by Diane BraunerOct 31, 2016


Thanks for bringing this to my attention!  I just added several new pronounciations and discovered that even though the pronounciations work correctly on the Replacement page in Settings, the new pronounciation does not transfer to other apps.  This appears to be a software bug; I am running iOS 10.1.  

To report bugs, email  Include the device you are using, the software version and brief details of the bug.

Posted by Diane BraunerOct 31, 2016

Updates:  I just updated to iOS 10.1.1 and now pronunciations works the way it is supposed to.  Barry, try updating and let me know if  this resolves the issue.  If it does not, please let me know what words you are adding and what apps are not accepting the new pronounciations (such as Mail, Pages, Safari).  

FYI:  Apple Accessibility responded instantly to my email about this bug.  It really is beneficial to contact them directly with bugs and suggestions!