Cody's O&M Adventures: iBook

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Two high school boys with multiple disabilities created this iBook about their O&M lessons.  Using an iPhone, Cody dictated his sentences in Pages while Brian used the Memo app.  Their O&M instructor transferred the stories into iBooks Author (available only a Mac) and added the accessible questions.  The boys then access the book in iBooks on an iPad which is running VoiceOver.  Cody uses a Bluetooth keyboard and the arrow keys to navigate through the story and to answer the questions.  Brian uses a refreshable braille display using simple chord commands or the joystick to navigate through the story and to answer the questions.

Note: This iBook was created using the free app iBooks Author on an Apple computer.  iBooks can be viewed on either an Apple computer or iOS device.

Click on the attached file to view Cody's O&M Adventures.  You must have the free iBook app on your computer or iOS device to view an iBook.  If using an Apple computer, the book will be physically located in your Download Folder (down arrow symbol located in the Tool bar at the top right).  Selecting the iBook story (Cody's O&M Adventures) will open the book in iBooks.  If you are using an iPad, select the attached book.  Then, select Open In iBooks.

To learn more about iBooks, go to Learning about iBooks post.

Author's Note: This book was created using the iBooks Author app, which is no longer available. The book can be read in Apple Books (formerly called iBooks).


Posted by PennyRMar 15, 2016

Thanks for sharing with us Cody, what a great way to document what you are doing during O&M!