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Photo of Code-a-Pillar, a robotic caterpillar toy and text, "Hot STEM toy, Code-a-Pillar"

Code-a-Pillar, a new STEM toy, inspires young students to develop critical thinking skills through a hands-on robotic caterpillar.  Using straight, left and right segments, students arrange Code-a-Pillar's segments and watch the caterpillar move accordingly!  Set up an obstacle course and add targets.  Can you arrange Code-a-Pillar's segments to avoid the obstacles and reach the target?  Creating these simple routes provides opportunities for students to develop mini-programming concepts!  This motivating game encourages 21st century skills such as problem-solving, planning and sequencing, reasoning and an introduction to coding concepts.

Teacher of the Visually Impaired Hint: Place tactile markers to distinguish the arrow on each of Code-a-Pillar's segments.

More segments are available.

Imagination Soup's Code-a-Pillar review

Check out the accompanying Code-A-Pillar app, a free iOS coding app!  This is app has the same adorable Code-a-Pillar character; however, the app is separate from the physical Code-a-Pillar robot.  The app is designed for preschool students to learn very basic coding concepts. Will Code-a-Pillar make it to the end of the maze?  Will he eat the right number of leaves and fill his belly?

NOTE:  The Code-a-Pillar app is not accessible with VoiceOver.

Code-a-Pillar App