Code Jumper: Accessible Programming

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Code Jumper: tablet with app and various colorful pods linked together.

Code Jumper combines physical pieces with an accessible app to make coding available for students who are visually impaired. Students are tasked with building programs by tethering pods together which represent each line of code. As the code runs, students can physically follow each line by tracking the linked pods.

Code Jumper began in early 2017 as a Microsoft project, called Project Torino. (See previous post about Project Torino here.) The project will soon be distributed through APH.

Code Jumper on APH's website

Code Jumper Waiting List/Mailing List

Have questions about Code Jumper? Contact APH directly! (Paths to Technology is not directly involved with Code Jumper; however, when more information is available, we'll post it here on Paths to Technology!)


Posted by Diane BraunerMay 16, 2019

Code Jumper is currently compatible with a Microsoft computer or tablet. According to APH, they hope to develop apps for Apple and Android. Public release date is anticipated in September.

Posted by Diane BraunerNov 20, 2019

APH Update: Code Jumper will be available for sale in January (both quota and non-quota). Teachers can go to to sign up on an email list to receive updates. The first release is the Microsoft version and APH is currently working on an Android version.

Posted by Diane BraunerDec 06, 2019

APH Update:

"Code jumper will be available for sale in January! As part of the Code Jumper package, APH has developed 19 lessons for teachers to use in their classroom planning. Each lesson includes links to tutorial videos and student activities. There are also assessments for each lesson, allowing teachers to evaluate their students' progress."