Changing Double Tap Speed in iOS 9.1

Featured Image: 
Screenshot of Double-Tap Timeout setting

Apple has created a new accessibility feature that enables users to adjust - slow down - the required speed for creating a double tap gesture.  Some students - especially students who are slow to process information or have physical issues - can now double tap at a slower rate and their iOS device will accept the slower gesture.  This can be a single finger double tap to activate buttons, apps, links, etc. or a two finger double tap to start/stop music and videos or to answer/end calls.

To change the double tap speed, go to:

Settings > General > Accessibility > VoiceOver > Double Tap Timeout.  The default setting is .25 seconds.  Use the plus or negative symbol to adjust the double tap speed.

Your options are now .20 seconds to .50 seconds.  .50 seconds may not seem like a big difference; however, it does appear to be more than enough time for most students!

Remember, the goal is for students to be successful.  For some students, gestures are always challenging.  Moving quickly to a Bluetooth keyboard or refreshable braille display is often the most efficient option.  Using a split tap (drag one finger to the desired app or button and tap with a second finger) may activate items easier than a single finger double tap.