Changes Coming to APH Accessible Textbooks

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Outline image of a small and large book with text, "Changes Coming to APH Accessible Textbooks"

Reprinted from APH December 2018 Newsletter.

At American Printing House for the Blind, we talk a lot about making sure students have the learning tools that best fit their needs. Sometimes the best way to help students is to change the way we do things, or the products we create. Last year the APH Educational Products Advisory Committee (EPAC) made a recommendation for APH to phase out the production of the APH Traditional Enlargement process. After consideration, APH will follow that recommendation, putting our renewed commitment and resources into the APH Large Print and Digital Textbook process.

The phase out of Traditional Enlargement will happen slowly. To make sure you don’t get caught unaware, below is a detailed schedule off what will be happening and when it will happen. The schedule has been spaced out to accommodate your needs and make the full adoption of APH Large Print a smooth transition for all.

Jan. 31, 2019- We will be removing all Large Print and Enlarged Print textbooks 10 years or older with low sales from our collection. The removal of these titles should affect very few people and help eliminate out of date information (health, science, technology). These books will also be removed from the Louis Database. For anyone that would like to order one of these textbooks, a list of these titles will become available soon.

Sept. 30, 2019- We will no longer accept new titles for the APH Traditional Enlargement process. Textbooks released from that date on will only be available in APH Large Print and digital options.

Sept. 30, 2021- We will cease reprinting all APH Traditional Enlargement textbooks.

The removal of the APH Traditional Enlargement process and the renewed focus on APH Large Print and Digital textbooks will help us create the most comprehensive and accessible collection of textbooks for K-12 students produced in the United States.