Brailliant BI14: Refreshable Braille Display/Notetaker

Featured Image: 
Image of the small Brailliant BI14 refreshable braille display weighing .63 pounds.

Students are becoming tech savvy at early ages - including students who are emerging braille readers. These young students, with their small fingers and hands, are often most successful with a smaller refreshable braille display. The Brailliant BI14, a small braille display with 14 characters, is the perfect size for these young braille learners. While traditional paper braille and braille writers continue to be good tools for emerging braille readers, refreshable braille displays, paired to an iPad, provide auditory feedback along with the tactile braille. Young users can lightly touch the refreshable braille display keys to consistently create 'crisp' braille. The traditional Perkins braille writer requires isolated finger strength which many emerging braille students lack, causing the produce braille to be 'mushy'.

Refreshable braille displays such as the Brailliant BI14, are small and are lightweight, making it easy for young students to carry and handle. This device has various navigation features  including routing buttons, thumb keys, and Perkins keys as chords.

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For more details and three tutorial videos, go to HumanWare's website.