BrailleNote Touch Snapshot Tutorial #2: Viewing and Editing a Google Doc

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Hands touching the BrailleNote Touch screen with the text, "BrailleNote Touch The future is so close you can touch it"

Greg Stilson demonstrates how to navigate and edit a Google Doc using the BrailleNote Touch.  Greg also shares hints about his experiences using Google Docs and his recommendation to write reports  in KeyWord then paste that content into Google Docs.

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Posted by Tanya van DrunenSep 14, 2018

Hello I have a student working on a BN touch. He is working on a Google doc within Google Classroom. This is going well. However when the teacher edits his work and puts in suggestions we don't know how to work with that. We can't read the suggestions, or at least don't know how.
Thank you


Posted by Diane BraunerSep 18, 2018

We are new to Google Classroom. Accessing teachers edits is new for us.  I had also e-mail Peter Tucic and finally heard back from him and he stated that there is currently no way for a student using a Touch to access and read any of the teacher edits or suggestions when used in "suggestion edit mode" from the teachers side.

Not sure if you have any other suggestions. - T

Posted by Margie VercellinoOct 15, 2018

Are you familiar with how to spell check on Google Slides? I am trying to assist a Braillenote Touch Student.
Thank you

Posted by Sarah BlairOct 23, 2018

We use the touch in Google docs and Google classroom. I have the teacher write directly on the document (not in the side comments section). The score and general comments go directly under the student's name, this is consistent so that they always sees their score right away. Then comments are typed throughout the document for things that need to be corrected. The student then reads the document, makes edits as they read and deletes the written teacher comments as they are fixed. The classroom teacher also adds me to google classroom as a co-teacher so that I can see work flow, quality of work, confirm that the student has proper formatting and used spell check. I hope this helps!