BrailleNote Touch: Android braille tablet

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HumanWare introduces the the BrailleNote Touch, the first Android all-in-one braille tablet providing Google Play access.  The Touch which has the power and openness of a modern tablet, reinvents the concept of assistive technology.  It is the first Android Braille Tablet providing Play Store access combined with the efficiency, literacy, and benefits of a HumanWare's established note taker.  The Touch uses a combination of touchscreen braille input and a built-in refreshable braille display.  For more information go to BrailleNote Touch.






Posted by John FarinaMar 29, 2016

Hi, I heard a podcast from humanware representatives on this unit. While I think it may be a good step, one of the things I always think of with these all in one units is if one part of the device breaks the student now has no way to do their work while things are repaired. With a combination of stand alone tablet and Braille display, if one portion requires repair, there may be options for a unit to substitute I.E. finding a loaner Braille display, use of a qwerty keyboard and perhaps a loaner tablet from the school district's IT staff. Just something to think about.