BrailleBack Beta: Braille for Android Devices

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BrailleBack app enables a blind user to connect a refreshable braille display to his/her Android device.  With your Android device running TalkBack, the BrailleBack app enables users to navigate, read and write using a braille display.  The BrailleBack app is currently in beta, meaning that it is not complete and is only available to testers. 

Become a BrailleBack Tester

Interested in becoming a BrailleBack tester?  If so, you need to have a Google account and be a member of the Eyes-Free group.  Then, sign up for the beta here.

Activate the App

The BrailleBack app must be turned on initially.  

Go to Settings > select Accessibility > select BrailleBack and turn on the switch > go back to Settings > select Bluetooth (if your Bluetooth braille display is not listed, check to see that the display is in pairing mode and select Search For Devices) > select the name of your braille display to make sure that it is paired.