Braille in the Modern Age

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Photo of the traditional Perkins Braille Writer.

Is braille still relevant in this modern age of digital learning?  Larry Skutchan, APH's Director of Technology Product Research shares his thoughts in his article, Braille in the Modern Age.  Among other things, APH is a major provider of educational resources for students and educators; these resources include traditional braille books, Perkins Braille Writer, and tactile materials along with digital materials such as braille displays and apps.  

Orbit Reader, a soon-to-be-released low cost braille display.

APH has recently released an iOS version of TalkingTyper to teach keyboarding skills using a Bluetooth keyboard and iOS device.  APH will soon release the Orbit braille display, a revolutionary braille display that will be available at a significantly lower cost that previous braille displays. APH, is one of several groups who are working developing a full screen braille display that can produce digital tactile graphics.


Posted by tirzah houminerOct 08, 2018

i teach future teachers of blind children in the herzog college in israel, masters program, could you send me a copy of the article by larry skutchan re braille in the modern age and any additional info re this device.
tirzah houminer