Braille Bee Spelling App Review: iOS app

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Does your student love learning and practicing Braille letters with the Exploring Braille with Madilyn and Ruff app?  Sensory Sun has released and exciting new iOS app called Braille Bee Spelling.  Braille Bee Spelling is a sequel to Exploring Braille, as students move beyond letter recognition to spelling words and learning braille contractions.  Students will thoroughly enjoy the interactive and fun Braille Bee games! 

There are five games

These games let you practice Sight Words, UEB Braille Contractions, and seasonal word lists using the onscreen QWERTY keyboard or your refreshable braille display.

  • Spelling Bee: Listen for a word and asked to spell it correctly
  • 3 in a Row: Listen for a word then find it in a grid of words displayed; find three in a row to win!
  • Word Search: Listen for a word then find it in a list of twelve words. Be careful as your word may appear twice!
  • Braille Cell Builder: Listen for the contracted braille word then create it one braille cell.
  • Multiple Choice: Listen for a word then choose the word out of three given choices.

This app is fully accessible and is used in conjunction with a refreshable braille display.  Teachers and parents have setting options to customize the game for individual student needs. 

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Teacher Hint:  This is a great app for students learning braille - for both students who are tactile learners and for students (and parents! )who have vision and are learning braille.  Do not have a braille display?  No problem! The games can be played with the onscreen QWERTY keyboard.  VoiceOver skills are not required - the games can also be played with the built-in voice for those who have functional vision.