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The Braille Beats Fine Arts Summer Residential Intensive is an experiential arts and independent living program specially designed to meet the unique needs of blind and visually impaired children, youth and young adults.


The Music program includes the following areas: Music History; musical styles and forms; Instrument Exploration and individual instrument support; Music Theory, Form & Analysis, Rhythm & Ear Training; Music Notation including Music Braille; Performance: Solo & Ensemble; Concert Prep; Voice: Individual, Ensemble and Choir; Keyboarding; Composition; Improv; and Scale Olympics. This year all students will also learn ukulele. Activities include an interactive drum session, talent night, and “instrument petting zoo“. 
The Music faculty are degreed musicians. 


Art focuses on experiencing a variety of media while having broad exposure to Art History, Styles and Forms as well as a concentration on the elements of design.


Movement: Spatial Orientation, Flexibility, Self-discipline and Relaxation Techniques. All students participate in Yoga and learn the basics of the 1-touch Self Defense System (designed for blind and visually impaired persons). 


Independence: Social Interaction, Navigation, Life Skills (ex. organization, personal management skills, note taking, manners, personal responsibility, wellness care, etc.); Technology Skills; Self determination skills; and Career Exploration are embedded throughout the program.


Date: June 15 - 23, 2019

Location: Lion's Bear Lake Camp in Lapeer, Michigan

Website: Lion's Bear Lake Camp website

Note: Spaces are limited. Applications are required – available upon request:


  • Email: Please add BRAILLE BEATS to the subject line.
  • Call: 248 790 8065 Please leave a message on voice mail.

Braille Beats Fine Arts Program is a Blind Vision Inc & World Access for the Blind Partnership Project



Posted by Diane BraunerMay 31, 2019

Brunhilde Merk-Adam with Braille Beats Fine Arts Program shared additional information:

We accept students from across the country (basically ages 9 through summer past high school;  some years we do a post-secondary group and occasionally we accept younger students if we can create a social group of similarly-aged students).  

There is a $500 fee. [Many Lions clubs will subsidize their local students, we have some scholarship funds to assist when needed]  

The program is held at about the same time each year - always starting around the 15th of June.   

Program is an intense week focused on the arts (we do not do traditional camp style activities such as waterfront, hiking etc.).    

Lots of work and lots of fun - but as we say:  "It's not a camp - it's an intensive".