Bookshare Reader Suite

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Bookshare Logo and text, "Bookshare Reader Suite"

Benetech, the parent company of Bookshare, unveils a new suite of free reading software for school, work and leisure that breaks down barriers for people with dyslexia, vision loss and other reading challenges. The Bookshare Reader will provide a consistent user experiences across devices. The Bookshare reading suite for web and mobile (iOS and Android) includes robust keyboard shortcuts, customizable accessibility settings, and enhanced math support. Yes! The new Bookshare Reader will have the capability to read equations in accessible math books using MathML! 


  • Bookshare Reader for the Web is currently in private testing in select school districts. Bookshare Reader for the web and mobile app will be publicly available in summer 2022.
  • Booksshare Reader for Smart Speaker is currently in beta release and only available to Bookshare Individual Members.

Learn more about Bookshare Reader here.