Book Creator App: Create Your Own Accessible Books on iOS, Android and Windows Tablets

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Book Creator is a simple way to create e-books, right on your tablet!  Add text, pictures, video and music, and even record your own voice.  Choose a pen tool and draw or annotate on your book. Create basic interactivity such as touchable areas.  When you are done creating, a quick tap and you can read your book in iBooks or Google Play Books or share your book with others.

There is a free version of Book Creator which enables a user to trial the app by creating one book for free.  The paid version allows users to create an unlimited number of books and there is no in-app purchases.  This version is ideal for educational use.  Book Creator for the iPad is available with a 50% discount for educational institutions purchasing 20 or more copies through Apple's Volume Purchase Program. Book Creator is simple enough for everyone - including four year olds!

Book Creator is available for iOS; finished books are opened in iBooks.

Book Creator is available for Windows

Download free teacher-made (and student-made) Book Creator books and other ePub books from Paths to Technology. To find these books, go to the iBooks section.
After you create an ePub book using Book Creator, please consider sharing your book on Paths to Technology! Contact for information on how to share your books!


The Book Creator app is accessible with VoiceOver.  It is possible to resize and move pictures while running VoiceOver; however, resizing and moving pictures is predominately a visual task.

Books created with Book Creator can be opened and read in the free iBooks app.  iBooks, when created correctly, are fully accessible.  Luis Perez shares information about the following accessibility tips:

  • Choose Text Sizes and Fonts Wisely
  • Add Descriptions to Images
  • Create Descriptive Links
  • Supplement Text with Audio
  • Remember Bits are Free

Read Luis' 5 Easy Accessibility Tips for Book Creator Authors for details about creating accessible books.

Using Book Creator: Android

Video: A third and fourth grade teacher shares how her students used Book Creator in the classroom.

Getting Started with Book Creator

Getting Started a Short Tutorial is  short tutorial included with the Book Creator app.  Broken into simple activities, detailed Book Creator instructions are available online.  

Teachers, want to learn how to use Book Creator and how to integrate it into your classroom?  Check out these online webinars and YouTube videos of previous webinars!  Book Creator has numerous articles and videos on all subjects on the Book Creator Blog page. Browse this page to find even more ideas!

Video: Getting Started with Book Creator Webinar #1: Overview of Book Creator with Project Ideas and Applications.


Video:  Getting Started with Book Creator #2:  Supporting Students with Graphic Organizers and Templates.


Video:  Getting Started with Book Creator #3: Collaborating with Peers and Sharing with Authentic Audiences.

Video:  Using Book Creator in the Science Classroom.


Video: Favorite Apps to Use with Book Creator


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Posted by Jenifer CookMay 28, 2018

I’m a teacher and all technology needs to be returned to our tech dept for reimagining over the summer. Why can’t I get access elsewhere: like my computer or iphone ? I don’t have an ipad at home?

Posted by Diane BraunerDec 04, 2018


Sorry to hear that you are unable to take school technology home over the summer.

Unfortunately, the screen on a smart phone is too small for some apps such as Book Creator. However, there are other options for creating ePub books, such as using iBooks Author (free app for a Mac). iBooks Author is robust and you can include accessible multiple choice questions using this app. Once the ePub is created, it can be exported and opened as an iBook on your Mac, iPad or iPhone. Books created in Book Creator can also be saved as an iBook and opened on your Mac, iPad or iPhone.

Posted by Alyssa SubbertDec 03, 2018

book creator is a fun way to write books

Posted by Diane BraunerDec 04, 2018


Have you created books that you would like to share with others on Paths to Technology? Students love these books!