Book Creator Accessibility Updates

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Book Creator logo and text, "Accessibility Updates: Book Creator"

Book Creator is a simple tool that educators, family members, and students frequently use to create fun digital books. Book Creator's latest update included numerous accessibility features. In a recent blog post, Book Creator stated, "We believe in equality in education, which is why we've made accessibility the focus of our latest update." Thank you, Book Creator!

Here are some of the updates:

  • Dictation now supports 120 languages
  • Add captions to video
  • Add a transcript to audio recordings
  • Navigate using your keyboard
  • Improved color contrast
  • Improved screen reader support

Learn more about these new features and watch video tutorials in the 230+ Accessibility Improvements Added to Book Creator post.

Are you a general education teacher who would like to learn the basics about creating accessible books using Book Creator? Luis Perez wrote a post just for you: 5 Easy Accessibility Tips for Book Creator Authors.

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