Blindfold Hopper iPhone App

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Image of Blindfold Hopper App: green frog with red blindfold

Blindfold Hopper is an accessible, auditory iPhone game that is a cross between the popular Frogger and Flappy Bird iPhone games.  In this game, you are a frog sitting on a lily pad.  Using earbuds, you will hear the lily pads moving from one ear to the other.  When the lily pad sound is in both ears (directly in front of you), you can jump to that lily pad.  

Educationally, playing auditory games like Blindfold Hopper will help students with visual impairments and blindness to learn to use sonification (sounds and moving sounds) for a purpose.  Talking graphing calculators already incorporate sonification; and, cutting edge technology is beginning to incorporate sonification to help interpret digital charts and graphs.

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