Blinded Guide: an Accessible PC Game

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Cartoon man walking confidently with a long cane.

Blind Bob wants to go for a walk around his busy neighborhood; however, there are all kinds of hazards along the way. Listen carefully to guide Bob around  poles, open manhole covers, trees, and other obstacles. Do not walk too far in any direction as there is a busy street on Bob's left and an angry dog named Oliver on his right.  Be aware that there has been a rash of manhole cover thefts throughout the city, which means open sewers. Manhole covers are typically found on the street-side of the sidewalk.  Manholes are three-by-three squares, so give yourself room to navigate around them. You will recognize the open man holes by their constant gurgling sounds. Be careful - one misstep and Blind Bob will injure himself and never want to go for a walk again! Can you successfully walk Bob around the block?


You will need to play this game with a screen reader (NVDA or JAWS are recommended); the game requires stereo sound.  

Bob can be turned 45 or 90 degrees to the left or right. Note that when Bob turns, the panning of objects will not change. You will know when you clear the object when you hear the object in your right or left side.

Game commands:

  • Up Arrow: Face forward (can only be used on easy and medium difficulty levels)
  • Left Arrow: Turn 45 degrees to the left
  • Right Arrow: Turn 45 degrees to the right
  • C:  Check coordinates
  • P: Pause or resume game
  • Escape: Return to the main menu

Listen to a five minute demonstration of the first level of the game. (This audio demonstrates the sounds of Bob walking down the sidewalk and around the obstacles, but does not provide information about the commands used to navigate Bob around the obstacles.)

O&Ms (and family members): This is a great audio game to help YOU get a glimpse of the sounds Bob encounters while walking around the block! Can you incorporate this game into an O&M lesson or reward?

Listen to iAccessibility's podcast which includes instructions on how to play Blinded Guide and details about the commands used as Bob is navigated around the obstacles.

L-Works Website

To download a free version of Blinded Guide  

Read Blinded Guide's manual for information about the various obstacles and instructions.

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