Be My Eyes

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Screenshot of Be My Eyes app with text, "Call first available volunteer", "specialized help" & bottom row buttons: Home, Stories

Be My Eyes is a free app for blind or low vision people. It can be downloaded on either IOS or Android and has many languages and preferential user settings. Once the app is set up a blind or low vision person will press "connect to the next available volunteer." Music will play for 30-60 seconds and then a volunteer who speaks your desired language will connect. The sighted person has a torch and zoom skill as well as other tools so if your room doesn't have the best lighting ... don't worry. Tell the helper what you would like to accomplish I.E reading food labels, checking expiration dates, identifying money/ mail and matching clothing. It is best to tell the helper if the task will take more than 5 minutes. After your call you will press disconnect, confirm this choice and then rate the call experience/quality. The app also offers advanced help which is a button next to "connect to next available volunteer." This button will provide a direct line phone number to Microsoft, Apple and other companies accessible hotlines. All in all this app is amazing and has saved me so many times from drinking expired milk, wearing mis-matched clothes, and my favorite ... almost putting baked beans instead of tuna in my tuna salad!