Ballyland Magic App: Learn VoiceOver Gestures and iPad Accessibility

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Ballyland app logo:  image of a ball peaking out of a magic hat and text, "Ballyland Magic app"

Looking for a way to introduce students with visual impairments or blindness to VoiceOver on the iPad?  The Ballyland Magic app is an iPad game that is designed to enable students with visual impairments and blindness to learn and practice basic navigational touch gestures for VoiceOver.  Without any need for previous experience, the app aims to provide students opportunities to gain the required foundation skills to use the iPad independently.  The four multi-level scenes in the Magic App follow the Ballylanders in their preparations for a Magic Show performance.  Students practice their own "magic" touch gestures as they move through the levels in the app.  After learning the touch gestures, students then put on the Ballyland Magic Show!

For more information about the app, including instructions and learning outcomes, go to Ballyland website.

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