Aware App Review: Indoor Wayfinding app

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Screenshot of the Aware App's Home screen with buttons for:  Take me to, Map, Directory, Venues, Manual Directions, and Help

The Aware App by Sensible Innovations provided a demonstration at the 2017 ADA Symposium in Colorado.  Using iBeacons to relay the information to the user's smart phone, an O&M instructor created the audio messages that provided information about specific locations and turn-by-turn directions.  The following video demonstrates some of the ways that the Aware App could be used and includes a live demonstration of using the Aware App in White Oak Mall, Springfield, IL.

The Aware App has been deployed in one bus transit center.  For information about this deployment and a video demonstration of this deployment, view NewsDay's article, NICE app helps blind navigate bus center.

The Aware App is a free smart phone app and is fully accessible with a screen reader.  The free app only works with Sensible Innovations' iBeacon tags; if the user is not in range of these iBeacons, a popup message states that the app cannot connect to the iBeacons.  You can still explore the app and the features of the available locations that have deployed iBeacons.  The current locations are:

  • Chicago Lighthouse
  • Hempstead Transit Center (NY)
  • Mall Demo
  • Mary Bryant Home
  • Office Demo
  • Restaurant Demo
  • Sensible Innovations
  • Vision Forward

Aware App in the App Store

Aware App in Google Play

Additional App Information

  • The Aware App has a simple home screen that is very user friendly.  The buttons are large with high contrast for users with low vision and the app is fully accessible with screen readers.
  • Wi-Fi is not required.  The Aware-configured iBeacons communicate directly to the Aware app.
  • iBeacons must be configured specifically for the Aware App.
  • As with any iBeacon system, the quality and type of information provided is dependent upon the administrators who creates the audio announcements.
  • Users can select their starting point and destination to receive turn-by-turn directions.
  • Indoor navigation only; the Aware app does not provide navigational information outdoors like traditional GPS-type systems.