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HumanWare Buddy App

The perfect tool to learn, teach and interact with HumanWare's products!

My Favorite Tips for Attending Live Video Lectures

Here are my favorite tips for attending live video lectures and synchronous virtual classes without falling asleep or getting distracted.

Learn How to Code Being a Blind Kid: Video #2 Swift Playgrounds

This vivacious fourth grader created a video demonstrating how she uses block coding in the Swift Playgrounds app.

Learn How to Code Being a Blind Kid: Video #1 CodeQuest

This vivacious fourth grader created a video to share her love of coding with other students who are visually impaired.

Tech Lesson Week #1: Presentations (PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote)

Improve your student's tech skills during school closures.

Explaining hand washing and germs for young students

Here are a couple of fun videos and activities to explain what hand washing does to germs - perfect for young kids!

Free Internet and Microsoft 365

Does your student able to access educational resources at home?

Math Games and Activities for Home for Students with Visual Impairments

Here is a great list of fun math activities that students can do at home!

Virtual Instruction: Zoom Video Conferencing Platform

Here is the Zoom information you have been looking for!

Railway Hero: Accessible Digital Math Game

PBS Kids created a new accessible math game based on the PBS Kids series Cyberchase.

ObjectiveEd Offers Free Distance Learning for Students with Visual Impairments

Take advantage of these accessible educational games!

Educational Companies Offering Free Subscriptions due to School Closings

Here is a list of companies offering free subscriptions.

Virtual Instruction: O&M

Looking for ideas on how to teach O&M virtually when schools are closed and students are staying home?

Preparing for Virtual Instruction

How to prepare your student with visual impairments for virtual instruction at home.

Teaching Listening Comprehension: Very Hungry Caterpillar App Activity

Comprehension questions and techniques should be embedded into all activities! Use this simple interactive book app to teach listening comprehension.

Turtles on the Town: An O&M Scavenger Hunt

In this post I describe an activity using QR codes to create a scavenger hunt to find small metal turtle sculptures around a town.

Creating Videos with Visual Impairments

Interested in becoming a blind vlogger? Here's how!

Where Do Commas Belong? Grammar Activity

Comma activity to practice grammar skills and tech skills (navigating a table and navigating to add commas).

Field Test an iOS App (TestFlight and CodeQuest apps)

How (and why) do you provide feedback when field testing a Beta version of an iOS app?