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Brightly colored barn wrapped in a red blindfold.

Blindfold Barnyard: iOS app

Blindfold Barnyard is a fully accessible audio iOS game that teaches cardinal directions.

Vision Test: iOS and Android Apps

iOS and Android app that tests visual acuity and more.

Kaleigh's Favorite Apps

A blind high school student's three favorite apps: Google Drive, JAWS and Adobe DC.
picture of a jockey on a running racehorse with a red blindfold around the horse.

Blindfold RaceHorse: iOS app

Blindfold Horse Race is a fully accessible audio game where you race your horse against other horses.
Screenshot of a scientific graphing calculator and graph with four curved colored lines.

Scientific Graphing Calculator 2: iOS and Android Apps

Information about a Scientific Graphing Calculator app.
Taptic-edu: Brightly colored individual yellow braille tiles and blue braille display.

Taptic-edu: a Smart Braille Coaching Device

Introducing Taptic-edu, a new braille learning device that pairs with an iOS device.
Facebook emojis: Like, love, happy, sad symbols

How to use the New Facebook Reactions: Android and IOS

Information on how to use the Facebook Reactions with and without screen readers.
App logo of blue and green open book.

Open eBooks app: iOS App

eBooks initiative available for students and special education teachers.
App logo: Cursive D with text "Disney Movies"on blue background.

Pixar made an app that helps the blind experience movies

App that enables blind to experience movies.
Logo of NC Nat Sci app .

NC NatSci: iOS app with interactive map

North Carolina Musuem of Natural Sciences Accessible App
NFB logo: red stick figure person holding a cane on dark blue background.

NFB Newsline: iOS app

Information about accessible news resources.
Image of a teacher annotating a blue circle on a worksheet using the Smart Form app.

Smart Forms: an Annotation App for the iPad Video

This video demonstrates the Smart Form, an iPad annotation app for low vision students.

Interactive Stories

Tips on using interactive stories on an iPad to teach children who are blind or visually impaired to use VoiceOver and Refreshable Braille Displays
Golden apple

2015 Golden Apple Awards

Golden Apple Awards 2015
20 Blindfold app logos: each logo has a red bandanna blindfold across the image of the individual game.

Blindfold series of iOS Apps

Blindfold apps are a series of iPhone and iPad games that are accessible.
Holding an iPad with magnified screen, a teenage boy fills out a form.

Scanning a Print Document and Filling Out on the iPad: Video

Demonstration of using Scanner Pro and Adobe Fill and Sign apps on the iPad.
Left picture: green dots outlining a girl's eyes and mouth; right picture: green dots of face on black background

Duke Partners Launches Autism Research App

Autism research app launched.
App logo: Young girl with blond curls holding a cane beside her black dog.

Exploring Braille with Madilyn and Ruff: iOS app

Information about an iOS emerging braille app and how to implement this app with a preschooler.
Logo: A red blindfold between the words "Word" and "Games".

Blindfold Word Games: Word Ladder, Word Flick, Hangman and Unscramble

Blindfold Word Games are an accessible iOS app that includes Word Ladder, Word Flick, Hangman and Unscramble.
Logo: Cartoon image of a parrot head.

Aipoly Vision App: iOS

App that announces colors and objects.