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Blindfold Games - 40 games and growing

Introduction to Blindfold Games with a testimonial

Using an Annotation App in the Classroom: Low Vision Students

How to use SAS Gloss, an annotation app, to complete kindergarten coloring worksheets and fill-in-the blank assignments for students with low vision.

Cody: Learning Life Skills through Technology

Activities for a high school student with traumatic brain injury, including learning to visually identify letters and objects for functional life skills.
Keeble app logo.

Keeble an Accessible Keyboard: iOS App

Keebler iOS app is an accessible keyboard enabling students with motor-challenges, switch users and visual impairments to type in any app.
Calcbot Logo.

Calcbot: iOS Calculator and Unit Conversion App

Calcbot, an accessible iOS cacluator app that includes additional features such as a history tape, tip calculator, and unit conversion.
Logo for the SayShopping iOS app.

SayShopping: Free Target App

SayShopping is a free voice-enabled iOS app for the visually impaired.
Logo of the UAbacus app.

UAbacus: iOS App

The UAbacus iOS app is designed for users to learn and practice their addition and subtraction skills on a Cranmer Abacus.
Ballyland app logo:  image of a ball peaking out of a magic hat and text, "Ballyland Magic app"

Ballyland Magic App: Learn VoiceOver Gestures and iPad Accessibility

Ballyland Magic app is an iPad game designed to introduce students with VIB to VoiceOver gestures and iPad accessibility.

Audio iOS Games Improve O&M Skills

Many Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialists (COMS) have been incorporating audio IOS games into O&M lessons.
App Logo: Text, "MaLynWorks" with the letter "W" on a blue background.

Quick Keyboard Tips for Microsoft Word through an iOS App: MLWordTips App

MLWordTips iOS app aids blind users in learning to use Microsoft Word.

Reading Resources

There are many resources out there for visually impaired/blind people. Here are just a few that I enjoy, and work for me.
Logo: white open book on dark blue background.

Voice Dream Reader

Voice Dream Reader app reads books, articles and documents out loud.
Logo: 9-sided white star on blue background.

ShapeTones App: An accessible audiovisual memory game

ShapeTones is an iOS audiovisual game that encourages spatial concepts and sonification skills.
Logo:  smiley face on a white tear drop over a red background.

Moovit: Your Local Transit iOS App

Moovit, a popular transit app, is now accessible with a screen reader.
Screenshot of the Invisble Puzzle app: black background with a white circle and Play, Award and Information buttons.

Invisible Puzzle: iOS App

Information about The Invisible Puzzle app which introduces sonification to students with visual impairments and blindness.
Uber logo ("U" on black background) and Lyft logo ("Lyft" on pink background).

Ride Sharing Apps: Uber and Lyft

Information and strategies on using Uber and Lyft riding sharing apps as a visually impaired rider.
Screenshot of SAS Gloss app showing annotated Baseball Graph worksheet.

Using an Annotation App in the Classroom: Low Vision Students

Using SAS Gloss, an annotation app, to complete kindergarten coloring worksheets and fill-in-the-blank assignments for students with low vision.
Money Reader Logo: Looking through a magnifying glass to view bills.

Money Reader: iOS App

Money Reader is an app used by visually impaired and blind to identify money.
Logo: Letter G on folded back blue square with Chinese character behind.

Google Translate app: iOS and Android Apps

Instantly translate spoken words or signage with Google Translate mobile app.